What makes COZ different is the heart, soul and passion behind every performance! Chasing Oz wholeheartedly believe it ALL matters! From the songwriting sessions to rehearsal and on to the gig, Chasing Oz takes the time to deliver heartfelt music and performance. They have been referred to by many as "Stellar Performance Art" and " the most intense & passionate sound to come out of Seattle in years".

Chasing Oz has a keen desire to make this world a better place and has donated their time to charities and causes including St Jude's Hospital, Big Brothers & Sisters, People United for Pets, Shaken Baby Syndrome and Eddie Mendoza's organization, Band Of Angels. They were special guest performers for the biggest makeover event in the country for homeless women and shared the stage with Cristina Coria (Survivor) and Goldie McJohn (Steppenwolf).

Ginine Emily is the signature voice clearly identifying the group with her dynamic vocal style. She is co-founder, songwriter, and a captivating stage performer. Having trained with vocal giants Eve Robinson, Maestro David Kyle and Tim Carson, she has been recognized by numerous music professionals as possessing unique and extraordinary vocal prowess. Her strong voice and powerful lyrics bring undeniable passion, emotion and spirituality into each song.

Randy C. is co-founder, songwriter and composer who brings to the table signature guitar melodies, chunky rhythms and tasteful solos as well as adding atmosphere with keys. Randy's distinctive playing style helps round out Chasing Oz and its signature musical flavor.

If it's passion, power and musicality you're after, Chasing Oz is a must-see.

Ginine has been singing and performing since she was a small child;  starting out in choirs, jazz ensembles and gospel, singing on various worship teams. She trained with the greats Eve Robinson, David Kyle and Tim Carson and has been recognized by numerous music business professionals as having a unique & powerful voice with timber, which has been compared by many to Ann Wilson from Heart, Pat Benatar, and Stevie Nicks.

Ginine has dedicated her life to the entire art of song and believes it all matters;  audio, visual and structure of songs. Like any skill or art, for years she initially focused on the work and getting experience in various cover and tribute bands in Seattle and L.A., which led her all to HERE. Her ultimate dream come true in Chasing Oz, which is the best of the best of all worlds.

Her engaging stage persona draws people from all walks of life. Her lyrics are totally from her heart & soul reflecting her life passions and spirituality… focusing the emotions of each story into melodic structures interwoven with the music arrangements.


"One hell of a petite blackbelt powerhouse of a singer. One of a rare breed of hard charger singers that stays true and faithful to genuine rock. The real deal where passion meets performance every time!" Danny Mangold (Producer) Guitarist for Ann Wilson)

 Randy C. Has been an artist as long as he's been able to hold a pencil. At the age of nine he discovered the guitar and after a few years of feeling it out, decided to take lessons for a month and discovered the key to gaining the knowledge he sought was to pursue the instrument on his own terms. In the interest of developing his talents further, he began learning keyboard with a pointed focus towards creating original music.

Randy began composing music as a teen and expanded his knowledge to other instruments to create the arrangements that his muse was constantly spinning.  His next challenge was to learn to play lead guitar, in an effort to play convincingly those solos of the guitar greats and performing classics. With a heavy focus geared towards learning the Blues idiom, evolution of modern music (rock in particular) and improvisations skills... in other words, how to be "musically thrown to the wolves and survive".  

From his late teens Randy started playing rhythm in garage bands and went on to play as a lead-guitarist with numerous cover bands, performing contemporary Rock & Classics as well as his own original tunes, performing frequently in clubs and at festival events all during which he continued working on original compositions, artwork, and learning recording/production.  

His fiery guitar approach contains many familiar elements such as the rhythmic attitude of Pete Townsend, driving lead guitar aggression of Ritchie Blackmore & Jimmy Page, textures and colors ala Alex Lifeson and melodic singing leads of David Gilmour.

Randy's music compositions and arrangements are unique and illustrate his unique artistic musical signature. 

Tim Hogan is a very accomplished bassist, bringing his own unique style of playing and composition to Chasing Oz. Tim immediately gravitated to the bass guitar in his youth and developed a fiery passion for and commitment to the instrument after hearing a classic album by Grand Funk Railroad. He gained experience playing with numerous cover bands and original bands, playing with many seasoned professional musicians and songwriters, including members of Leann Rimes touring band.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          TimTim Tim has shared the stage with numerous national, and international touring acts such as Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, and more. He has composed several recorded songs as a member of The Rikk Beatty Band, and was part of a collaborative 4 song CD that resulted in the song rights being purchased by Andy Johns (Recording engineer/producer: Led Zeppelin and others).                                                                                                                                                                                             

In the spring of 2016, Tim found himself seeking a new musical avenue and joined Chasing Oz. His experience and amazing 10, and 12-string bass skills, bring a spectacular thunderous foundation support to Ginine Emily (vocalist/ songwriter) and Randy C. (guitarist/songwriter etc.) giving Chasing Oz a dimension of bass guitar not found in any other rock band. Tim brings the necessary glue between the drummer/timekeeper, and the treble clef in fantastic fashion with the multi-string dimension of multi-string basses, and years of experience on stage and in the studio.

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